Sofia 24.25LB Big Ass Male Masturbator With Realistic Flesh Texture Super Jiggly


Sofia is a sexy model. She is warm and generous and likes to look for excitement in sex. She plays and flirts at your disposal. She has a strong sense of flesh. She can freely twist her hips to activate your desire. The stimulation of yin and anus is unstoppable. Hold her in your arms. She’s your girlfriend.

Human skin pattern, round hip groove, lifelike texture of pudenda, pink and moist clitoris. The jade cave is compact and full, the anus is in bud, and the tunnel is crisscrossed with meat particles. In and out of friction stimulation will let you forget the whole world.

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Sofia has beautiful curves, thick flesh and realistic appearance. If you are attentive when touching her, you will find goose bumps on her skin, which are elastic, feel good and quite real. The size is appropriate, you can swing her freely, and enjoy different stimulation of vaginal and anal sex.

Back side experience, slap her hard.

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