Chloe 5.38LB Mini Portable Sex Doll Torso Super Lightweight Male Masturbator


Chloe is a lifelike sex doll. Although her body is small, she has lifelike chest, vagina and anus. You can easily enjoy the fun, be satisfied with a variety of sexual postures and choose your favorite places to help you get more pleasure and sexual training.

Chloe is made of TPE material. Whether it’s vagina, anus or breast, each option is specially designed to leave you with a sexual experience you’ve never had before. Her dainty figure and realistic density are really easy to store and clean, and you can easily take her out, take her in and keep her with you all the time.

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Chloe has the same appearance and feeling as human skin, which brings the most realistic experience. Squeeze her breasts and grab her super soft skin. You can’t tell the difference. In addition, she has completely independent vagina and anus, and provides different feelings according to your choice. The inner walls of her two channels have realistic textures such as uneven meat grains and crisscross walls. Ultra tight pressing will drive you crazy!

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