Angelina 52.90LB Life Size Fantasy Sex Doll Realistic Torso Masturbator For Men


Angelina: A True Thing of Beauty

Have you ever imagined what a perfect female body would look like? Well, guess what, Angelina is here to blow your mind away with her perfect curves. Dress her up just the way you want and after that, you will feel like you have a companion with whom you can spend time. The skeleton of Angelina is made with high-quality material and so, you can use her in multiple positions to fulfill your carnal desires. She will let you focus on the pleasure itself because she enjoys pleasing you with her amazing body.

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Hot Curvy Figure

Angelina is a successful model and she loves working out. That is why she has built such a slim and sexy figure that is hard to take your eyes off. Yes, she can be the companion you have always wanted in your life. She can mesmerize you with her charming figure. In case you are feeling lonely, she can comfort you both psychologically and physically. When you sleep with her, you will feel like having a real woman by your side.

Extra Stability with a Flexible Skeleton

One thing that you should know about Angelina and that is she hates to have sex in the same position time and time again. She is an adventurous girl and you will love to try different positions with her when she is in bed with you. That is why the flexible skeleton with high-quality metal gives the much-needed stability to each of the sex positions you try to perform with her. You will be amazed to see how flexible she can be. With her beside you, you will be able to have sex anytime you want.

Hole-Some Pleasure

Whenever you are looking to get a masturbator like Angelina, you want to know what type of orifices she has. Look, with Angelina, you are getting both vagina and anus. Also, her orifices are very much stretchable. Also, the double tunnel design will be an amazing exploration for your member when he gets inside of her. The ribs and nubs inside the tunnel will give you real life-like experience that you were craving for during your masturbation. The vaginal tunnel is around 15cm in length and 1.5cm wide. And for the anus, the length is 13cm and the width is around 0.5cm. Thus, by applying some lube, the holes will be a treat to explore.

A True Companion and a Perfect Masturbator

Look, Angelina is here to turn the whole game of masturbation around. She will be making your masturbation more fun by giving you the feeling of having sex in real. Look, Angelina is the type of companion you always wanted to have. Her presence will not only improve your masturbation but also the overall life you are living. A man would cherish to have a woman like her in his life. So, once you have her, you will not only find an amazing masturbator but also a perfect companion for your carnal needs.


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